IDEA 80 Bellagio

Enjoy your freedom

Our Idea 80 Bellagio embodies the top quality finishes and the sporty design that Idea Marine managed to create over the last few years. The boat is fully hand-painted with colors that are studied and combined in a way to make it unique in its category. The shiny steel finishes are emphasized by the dark colors that surround them.
The Black Grey used for the deck and the hull and the tobacco suite as a finishing touch for the cushions are just some of the characteristics that make this boat exclusive.

This incredible Limited Edition is the top range among the 8-meters boats thanks to the fine finishes that will allow you to live a unique experience.


IDEA 80 Bellagio is the exclusive boat if you are looking for a sea experience in style, comfort and with a power that can be compared to bigger boats. (Opp. That can keep up with bigger boats).

You can choose the 250HP single or double motor for great open sea performances and experiences.


Being a limited edition, the IDEA 80 Bellagio is available in one color only as it is fully hand-painted, like every single boats of our fleet.

The color of our IDEA MARINE 80 is Black Grey.

Types of FABRICS

The fabric used for this boat is unique as well and is emphasized by the double rifled diamond “tobacco suite” color, refined with brown topstitching. A touch of absolute class on a boat that stands out among those in the same category but also within bigger ones.

Tobacco Suite

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