Face new challenges with IDEA 58 Open Line

IDEA 58 OPEN LINE is the perfect boat for those looking for comfort and design in a vessel with relatively small dimensions, but which it can comfortably accommodate a family for wonderful days of fun and relaxation on board!

Idea 58 Open Line (like its little sister Idea 53) can be equipped with a 40hp engine that will allow you to fully enjoy the sea even if you don’t have a boating license.


IDEA 58 can be customized according to your needs, both in terms of design, colour, technologies, fabrics and much more. Every part of Idea 58 Open Line can be customized by choosing the keel color from those available below. Customize your IDEA 58 to make it unique!

Types of FABRICS

Choose the type of fabrics available below, to give a touch of class, elegance and originality to your IDEA 58 Open Line. You can choose for a light tone of color to give your boat style and class, or you can prefer darker ones if you want to opt for a sporty and resolute design.

Olimpus light Candido | Silvertex Beije

Nautilus Ice | Vogue Nichel

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