Endless Freedom

Despite its small dimensions and the fine and balanced design, IDEA 58 WA allows you to enjoy the comfort of its internal spaces are designed to accommodate up to 7 people for unforgettable days at the sea. The cabin is made of two large BEDS  and gives each person on board the possibility to store comfortably their baggage and privately use the bathroom compartment.

The cabin is the core element of the IDEA 58 WALK AROUND thanks to its comfortable bed perfect for two people and that allows to enjoy some peaceful rest during warm summer nights.


Make your Idea 58 Walk-Around unique by personalizing the keel by choosing the color from those shown below. Combined with infinite other customizations that you can make to your IDEA 58 WA, you will obtain a unique and original design to ride the waves with style.

Types of FABRICS

Choose the texture of your IDEA 58 WA choosing soft textures for a touch of class and elegance, or darker colors for a more captivating and sporty design.

Olimpus light Candido | Silvertex Beije

Nautilus Ice | Vogue Nichel

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