Privilège Catamarans. Luxury like no other.

A Privilège is more than just a stylish, individually tailored catamaran. A Privilège is a statement: the statement to enjoy luxurious life beyond coastal borders. Its refined hull design ensures superb stability and comfort, making Privilège catamarans the most enjoyable place on the sea. Every Privilège is built according to its owner’s preferences and handcrafted with the finest materials to create the perfect blue water experience.

Built to perform

Every aspect of a Privilege is built to perform its specific job  to the highest standard.  Whether it is the hull design to make fast safe passages, all the way through to  the highest quality domestic appliances to make life onboard  effortless.  Created with bluewater cruising  at the forefront, a Privilege is developed to make servicing and maintenance straightforward, wherever you are in the world.

Designed for you

Each Privilege is a special project for the shipyard, with your wishes at the heart of each build. We take the time to understand your sailing plans and then work with you to ensure that the end result is as close to your dream catamaran as possible.

We love to explore customisations and special requests, which are simply not possible for production boat builders.

Our ethos has always been to build the world’s best bluewater cruising catamarans,

Discover new horizons

Your Privilege journey starts by letting us know a bit about your sailing plans.  Whether you plan to hop between your favourite Mediterranean anchorages, or head for the horizon.  

Get in touch with your Privilege specialist to find out more.

Tranquil spaces

Time onboard is precious and we work hard to ensure it can be enjoyed to its fullest. What makes a Privilege safe also makes it tranquil. Each bulkhead is a composite sandwich for both strength and sound insulation, and completely laminated to avoid any movement – one of the many things we do to create the very best Catamarans on the water.

Treasured moments

A Privilege is built to be a home from home, wherever you are in the world. From a class-leading owner’s suite to a cockpit designed for entertaining.

Enjoying time onboard is about making memories with your loved ones. We go above and beyond to ensure this happens by working on the smallest details for you.

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